How Laptops are Better than Tablets

One of the most rapidly progressing fields is the field of computer electronics. The world is witnessing a great revolution in this regard for the last 15 years. Every coming model is increasing the functionality and support than the older model. The performance is boosting up through the use of small but efficient parts. The manufacturers are paying a special attention to the form factor of these computers and tablets. They are trying their best to make these light and slim through using modern technology. Since their invention in 1981, laptops have remained prevalent due to their portability. But, the dawn of the 21st century have brought the tablets which are even smaller than laptops. There are many who are buying tablets for various purposes. Still, most of the people and experts stick to the idea that laptops are the best than tablets. Following are the reasons of this support.
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Laptops out pass the tablets when it comes to the performance. Laptops have relatively more powerful processors paired with huge RAM. Most of the modern laptops offer 8GB RAM. There is no match of the Intel’s chip which is used in the laptops. Laptops support multitasking better than tablets. Laptops usually have larger cases than tablets and, therefore, the hardware packed in laptops is more efficient than that used in tablets. Laptops always have better specifications to endure intensive tasks. For example, the gaming experience with the laptops is always unmatched. This is because these are equipped with such hardware as can resist intensive use.

More Storage and Memory

Laptops are also better than tablets in terms of memory and storage. Almost all the modern laptops come with more RAM and storage capacity than tablets. A tablet can have maximum 4GB of RAM whereas; laptops are equipped with RAMS up to 8GB. In terms of storage laptops are also the winners. Nowadays, laptops have storage capacity in Tera Bytes. Tablets cannot have such a bump memory as laptops. Thus laptops are more useful in education and business sectors due to their large storage capacities to store large amount of data.


Laptops are clearly the winners in terms of software. Almost all the laptops operate on windows from Microsoft. On the other hand tablets either have Android or iOS as their operating systems. The windows operating system is the most reliable and long lasting operating system than Android and IOS. Tablets revolve around some apps, while laptops offer beautiful desktops. The software in laptops can resist the intensive use than the tablet’s software. Browsing the internet is always easy and fast on laptops than on tablets. Similarly, the windows operating system supports games in a better way than operating system in tablets.

To sum up we can say that most of the smartphone manufacturing companies are working on tablets to make them more stable and worthy. The laptops are still going ahead in the use of modern technology. The main objective of both the gadgets is to provide the seamless user experience.